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1. Brand Originating From Elite

Moon cake is a special cake indispensable in the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival of the nation.

But in the 30s of the last century, mooncakes in Vietnam were still not popular and most of them were made by Chinese bakers. Over time, recipes and baking secrets have also been handed down to Vietnamese bakers and are constantly improving from taste to quality.

One of the pioneers in making mooncakes more accessible to the Vietnamese people at that time was artisan Hoang Tien Noi.

Mr. Hoang Tien Noi at that time was the main baker of a famous cake store in Hang Buom – Hanoi, thanks to his passion and many years of exposure to mooncake making, he had accumulated a lot of experience and master the recipes of cakes, especially the original moon cakes. That motivated him to aspire to own his own brand of mooncakes.

After the trial process, artisan Hoang Tien Noi has successfully produced a mooncake product that best suits the taste of Vietnamese people but still retains the characteristics of the original mooncake line.

Those mooncakes made his name, starting the birth of the Thanh Long brand in 1949 and following him from Hang Buom Street to Saigon in the 1950s.

2. Difficulties In The Beginning

In the early days of development, the Thanh Long brand had to go through a rather difficult period. That’s when the new brand came to the South. Originally a cake brand in the North, founded by a Northerner, at the time Thanh Long came to the South, the cake brand faced many difficulties, from custom to geography. Thanh Long Jam Cake was a small, not-so-famous brand at that time, the number of employees was less than 10 people, all of whom were family members working together.

Thanks to his constant efforts to bring customers the most delicious cake flavors, best suited to Vietnamese tastes, Thanh Long took the first steps of success by opening the first shop on Hong Thap Tu Street and followed by the product introduction stores were also opened in turn at the old Saigon Market (now Ben Thanh Market). It can be compared with famous brands such as Bac Ha, Bao Hien,… at that time.

Thanh Long always researches, improves and creates cake recipes to produce jam products with the most delicious flavors, thanks to that, Thanh Long’s jam cakes have always stood firm in the market over the year, which not all traditional cake brands can do and maintain before many historical events of the era.

Many years in a row won many awards voted by consumers such as:
The title of Vietnamese High Quality Goods in 2010,2011,2014,2016,2017,
In 2018: Received ISO 22000:2005 certificate.
Year 2021: Received ISO 22000:2018 certificate.


3. Products Make Brands

Thanh Long today is more popular with many other product lines such as jams, dried fruits, etc. But in fact, the product that makes Thanh Long’s brand name is Mooncake – a type of cake only sold in August every year.


Going back in time to the time when moon cake was still a new type of cake for Vietnamese people in general and people in Saigon – Gia Dinh area in particular. Mooncakes are only loved by people of Chinese origin in the Cho Lon area. But after nearly 20 years, mooncakes have become popular and popular throughout the South and the Central provinces. At that time, to mention the famous mooncake brands in Saigon, it is impossible not to mention names such as Dong Hung Vien, Dong Khanh, Long Xuong and especially Thanh Long. Thanh Long’s cake is special perhaps because all the famous mooncake brands at that time were Chinese brands, only Thanh Long was a moon cake of Vietnamese origin, of Vietnamese people and for Vietnamese people.

4. Typical Flavors – Heirloom Recipes

For the regular customers of Thanh Long will probably know that the most special cake that makes the difference of Thanh Long is the mixed mooncake. Mixed cake fillings are selected from more than 100 different ingredients to choose the most suitable ingredients when combined. Thanh Long’s mixed cake flavor is exclusively researched by artisan Hoang Tien Noi. Although it has improved over time, Thanh Long’s cakes still have their own unique features that cannot be mixed.


In addition to mixed cakes, other products of Thanh Long also have a very unique taste. Thanks to the long-standing esoteric recipes of Thanh Long, the jam cake products are very delicious with pure Vietnamese taste.

5. Developing Day by Day – Firmly Future

Realizing that, Vietnamese people always respect and love traditional elements, upholding the traditional cultural features of the nation, so Thanh Long took advantage of the advantages of baking techniques, researched to make launched more traditional jam cake products to serve customers all year round.


Thanh Long is famous because it is produced under modern advanced techniques but still retains the traditional taste and rustic nature of jam cake products – Something that few modern confectionery brands are today. Thanh Long is proud to be one of the leading jam manufacturers in Vietnam with its partners being the largest supermarket chains in the country such as Big C, Lotte, AEON, Vinmart, Emart, Simply mart, Coopmart, Satra… The image of Thanh Long’s Tet jam cake stall is an indispensable perspective in big supermarkets every spring.


Besides traditional products, Thanh Long is constantly researching and developing new products. Especially, Thanh Long is one of the pioneers in Vietnam who has successfully researched the technology of drying fruit. The main products are flexible dried mango, pomelo peel, pineapple, ambarella , guava, jackfruit.

6. Mission and Vision

As a long-standing brand, to get to this day, for Thanh Long, it is not because of luck but entirely thanks to the efforts and continuous improvement thinking of the leadership team and all employees.

In the present and in the future, Thanh Long Jam Cake will continue to improve every day so as not to disappoint the trust and love of customers throughout the years.

We will continue to improve the production line to bring customers the most nutritious products. Not only that, the research into more products with new flavors will also be of special interest to Thanh Long Jam Cake.

The following generations of Thanh Long always try to live up to father’s wish like a couplet:

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