Our History

Thanh Long Jam Cake - One of Cradles of the Jam Cake Industry in Vietnam.

Thanh Long Jam Cake has 60 years of development, 60 years of accompanying Vietnamese families, 60 years of nurturing the desire to keep the culinary quintessence of the homeland. We entrust each product with complete love, the essence of nature to bring users the most delicious and nutritious cakes.


73 years ago, at 68 Hang Buom – Hanoi is a famous cake store, this is the working place and the beginning of the baking passion of a main baker named Hoang Tien Noi. That baker is also the father of Thanh Long Jam Cake today


In the early 1957s, with many years of experience in the baking industry and always cherishing to launch his own cake brand, Mr. Hoang Tien Noi decided to go to the South, build a private brand named Thanh Long Cake in an old Saigon Gia Dinh. For the first time, Thanh Long’s exclusive brand logo is legalized with an illustration of a globe. The logo also shows that Thanh Long Cake’s aspiration is to bring its products to the top, reaching out to all over the world.

1963 – 1970

From 1963-1970 was a time when Vietnam had many changes, experienced thousands of difficulties and challenges, but Thanh Long Jam Cake still made great efforts to open the first store at the old address 162 Gia Long (now Ly Tu Trong, District 1). At that time, the number of members of Thanh Long Jam Cake was quite small, only about 10 people, mainly family members. The types of cakes produced are mostly traditional cakes of Vietnam.

Gradual Success Through Non-Stop Effort

1997 was a memorable milestone in the development of Thanh Long Jam Cake, this was the time when the 2nd establishment of Thanh Long was born, located at 313 Cach Mang Thang 8, District 3. The establishment of the 2nd store is a testament to the success of Thanh Long in the first steps.

Also in the same year, thanks to the constant efforts to research and develop new cakes, Thanh Long has officially successfully produced DIET CAKES FOR DIABETES, the product has been certified by Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh city.

This is a brilliant milestone in the development of Thanh Long because this is the first line of diet cakes produced in Vetnam.

In 1999, after only 2 years, Thanh Long Jam Cake continued to open a 3rd store at 159 Cach Mang Thang 8, District 9. At this time, the number of key employees had increased to 30 people.

Following the development momentum, the number of Thanh Long Jam Cake shops is increasing:
• In 2001, the 4th store was opened at 179 Cach Mang Thang 8, District 3.
• In 2022, the 5th store will be opened at 274 Ly Thai To, District 10.
• In 2009, the 6th store was opened at 291/2 Vo Van Tan District 3 with a staff of up to 100 people.

Get closer and be loved more

Bakery products are popular with users probably because they contain a harmonious interference between the traditional and the modern.
Thanh Long Jam Cake upholds tradition, we try to preserve the most quintessential flavors of the nation to put in each product. Because Thanh Long understands, customers can easily buy hundreds of thousands of new flavor cakes out there, however, it is very difficult to find a product that still has the traditional flavor.

Along with preserving the traditional taste, we still apply modern lines as well as constantly improve quality to give customers the best product.
Thanks to the trust of customers, Thanh Long Jam Cake has received many prestigious awards, certificates and titles:

In 2010

Received the title of High Quality Vietnamese Goods voted by Consumers for traditional confectionery products.

In 2011

Honored to receive the title of High Quality Vietnamese Goods voted by consumers for the second time.

Năm 2014

Honored for the 3rd time receiving the title of High Quality Vietnamese Goods voted by consumers.

In 2015

Honored to receive HACCP certificate issued by consumers

In 2016

Honored to receive the title of High Quality Vietnamese Goods voted by consumers for the 4th time.

In 2017

Honored for the 5th time to receive the title of High Quality Vietnamese Goods voted by consumers.

In 2018

Get ISO 22000:2005 certificate.

In 2019

Get ISO 22000:2018 certificate.

At the moment, customers can easily find products of Thanh Long Jam Cake in retail stores and even in large supermarkets. Thanh Long is a strategic partner of many supermarket chains in Vietnam such as CoopMart (1997), BigC (1999), CitiMart (2003), Lotte Mart (2010) and Aeon (2013). And many products were co-exported to Japan in 2014.

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